BlackMe 1.2

Save battery by turning off your display


  • Quick way to switch off your display


  • Doesn't do much else
  • No scheduled screen shut-offs

Not bad

Despite all the advancements in mobile technology in recent years, no manufacturer has yet managed to invent a self-powering phone, and as such our devices are often rendered 'immobile' such is out need to charge them all the time.

One of the surest ways to drain the power from your Pocket PC is having the display on all the time. Of course, most of the time this isn't a problem as you don't actually leave the screen on at all times.

However, there are certain applications, such as MP3 players, GPS loggers and desktop syncing tools that, by default, leave your display running while you're using them. In most cases you don't need to see the display and as such are simply wasting precious battery.

BlackMe provides a simple, no-nonsense way of turning off your phone's display when you don't need it on. You just need to assign a key to the program, then strike that key any time you want to power-off the display. Pressing the central button on your PPC's d-pad will switch the screen back on. It really is that simple.

Although BlackMe has nothing in the way of a program interface or special features such as display shutdown scheduling, you may still find it a valuable battery lifesaver.

BlackMe is a Windows Mobile 5/6 tool that turns the screen off while you don't need it. You can use it while logging GPS data (for example with WMMiniGPS), when you connect your device to the desktop to sync/recharge it, when you're listening to music with an mp3 player, etc ...

The best method to use this program is to associate a button to it (through Settings->Buttons). When the button is pressed, the screen should be turned off. You can turn on the screen pressing the d-pad central button. Press it again to close the application or press the associated button to turn the screen off again.



BlackMe 1.2

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